Friday, May 30, 2008

Gobble this up!

Today, as I was catching up on Pasq242's writings, I learned a new term: Work Turkeys. He defines it as

work turkey - [wurk tur-kee] - n. - a project or activity undertaken at work that appears to be productive but is actually an elaborate means of wasting time (usually with some kind of end product). Derived from the grade school activity of tracing your hand and decorating it like a turkey (thumb is the head, fingers are feathers)--specifically, performing this activity at work.

  • Drawing turkeys during meetings
  • Creating hula skirts for your pens by fraying the edges of post-it notes
  • Changing the "DRAFT" watermark on the document you are working on to various things throughout the day including:
    - "penguin"
    - "bootylicious"
    - "deez nuts"
    - "my anaconda don't want none unless you got buns, hon"
  • Anonymously modifying items in your shared workspace
(click on the link for that last bullet point!)

Footnote: sorry, I'm totally ripping off his post but it is 100% applicable here and also it is freakin' hilarious. Thanks, Pasq. Much, much respect.


pasq242 said...

While I stand wholeheartedly behind its ideals, I can't take much credit for the concept. Aggregated regurgitation is the name of the game in blogland.

Thank you, nonetheless. :D

jg3 said...

well, as long as it doesn't involve aggravated regurgitation I'm all for it.