Friday, April 18, 2008

0th post!


With apologies to lifehacker, this site is a comprehensive discussion on how to not be getting things done without attracting attention to that fact. Humorous observations about how poorly gigantic companies are run will be hidden like Easter eggs and when you find them, you'll know it; like finding an Easter egg in October. On this site you will also be entertained with beautiful analogies, gratuitous punctuation, and elaborate, nested parenthetical asides.

I think doing this is better than quitting my job. So does my mortgage company. It really doesn't do much for my soul, but it is shallowly entertaining.

Unfortunately, those people who would be the most amused by it are the very people that I can't tell about it. So you, anonymous Internet bystander, are the beneficiary of my tales of deception and laziness as I basically steal my time back from corporate America ... just to waste it again.

Tune in to be entertained and informed as I will post weekly (if not more frequently) my tales and instructions on how to slack creatively. Forget googling for bored ever again. With all the fervor and energy that I once poured into the work they pay me to do, I shall now create a set of new ways to pretend to do the work they pay me to do.

Again, welcome.